Material Handling

Leaky spouts? Missing buckets or paddles? Let us help you get all of your existing elevators, conveyors, and spouts working correctly to keep your material contained and off the ground. 

​Or, if you're looking to expand, we can show you options to move your material quickly and efficiently..


Let's face it, no matter the amount of planning prior to the start of a project, there will always be that one little piece that doesn't fit into the puzzle the way its supposed to . With over 40 years of collective fabrication experience, we are able to construct that custom piece on the fly, instead of ordering it elsewhere. This reduces wait time and eliminates the wait for a shipment, which gets you back up and running faster!


Industrial Solutions & Millwright Services 


When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Norwood Contracting, LLC., a small town american born company with large aspirations accompanied with years of industry experience.  As a smaller company we can work our schedule to meet any deadlines and, most importantly, keep an eye on safety. 

Norwood Contracting, LLC. is a newly formed company.  Brandon, our president brings along not only his own 16 years of hands on experience with the grain and milling industries, but a collection of knowledge from his father and grandfather, as well. Growing up with family in the industry, he quickly became obsessed with the inner workings of grain elevators, flour mills, and anything associated with the moving parts of these facilities. Shortly after high school, Brandon married a young girl that quickly took an interest in her husbands infatuation with all of these moving parts. She was soon hired with the family company at the time, and began to learn the inner workings of these facilities and how to work on them alongside her husband and crew.  Collectively, Brandon (President) and Mandy (Vice President) have over 36 years of collective hands on experience in repairing and upgrading existing facilities as well as designing and building new facilities.  Let them lead their team to assist you with any future projects you have!



Norwood Contracting and our trusted partners can help you build new or expand exsisting facilites. Wether you need some temporary storage to get you through this years harvest or you're looking at a more permanent solution. Let us sit down and help you choose what type of building, bin, or bunker is best for you.

-Concrete and steel bins




-paddle chain, screw, and belt conveyors

-bucket elevators

-cawalk, handrail, ladder and safety cage​

​-duct work





When you choose an industrial solution, you also need to have the people to keep the wheels greased.


Norwood Contracting, LLC. has you covered. We will supply you with several options to keep your facility up and running to the best of its ability!